SharpStone Grinders: The Cornerstone of Herb Consumption

Any good herb consumer knows that not grinding your herbs will cost you your botanicals. Whether you’re using a vaporizer, rolling a spliff, or packing a bowl, grinding your herbs will always prove to be beneficial. They’d even tell you that smoking or vaping your herbs without even grinding them should be illegal. That’s why herb grinders like the SharpStone Grinders are made. SharpStone Grinders are innovative products that are geared towards providing the consumer market with high-quality weed grinders at a reasonable cost. When looking to buy SharpStone Grinders online, make sure to buy from SharpStone USA.

Why Use a Herb Grinder?

Herb grinders, like SharpStone Grinders, allow you to cut and break down chunks and nuggets of herbs letting you maximize your yield and does more than just let you pack your botanicals in a cramped bowl or chamber. Let’s break the benefits down.

First, grinding your herbs using a herb grinder, even a basic SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder, lets you achieve an even burn. Why? Botanicals react better to heat when they’re cut into smaller pieces. Like the way meat is cooked better when cut into smaller chunks, the same way your botanicals release its active ingredients when they’re broken down into smaller pieces. Heat is what extracts the active compounds in the herbs and allows you to reap the benefits they offer. Plus, a SharpStone Hard Top 2 Piece Herb Grinder makes for an affordable, compact, and discreet grinder to have around.

Here’s a picture.

Imagine putting a chunk of weed into a vape oven. The vaporizer uses conduction heating which means that it will start to heat the part of the nuggety herb closest to the walls of the oven. However, since the surface of the herbs is uneven, the way the herbs are heated is also uneven resulting in having the edges of the nugget of weed burn whilst the inner part of the big chunk of weed remains fresh. You can still reuse the inner parts but it will cost you time trying to revive the herb scraping off the burnt parts and having to consume the leftovers that remain fresh.

Grinding your herbs with weed grinders will let you get past this problem and enjoy a seamless vaping session while maxing out your yield in terms of flavour and potency.

Which brings us to the next part.

The next benefit of grinding up your herbs is maximum potency. Grinders are designed and engineered in a way to allow you to get the best results from your herbs. By making sure your botanicals get an even burn, you can ensure that the active ingredients are also extracted evenly. The tiny bits of herbs will all react to the heat in synchrony which will boost the potency of your botanical plant matter giving you an increased high. Furthermore, some grinders will allow you to collect the pollen from the herbs which can later be used and sprinkled on your herbs to increase its potency. See, when you break your herbs down using your fingers, these pollens are virtually lost and either falls down on the table or just end up sticking to your fingers. Make sure to use a 2-piece grinder to include the pollen into the herb mixture or use a more advanced 3-piece or 4-piece grinder. A good grinder like the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder will let you collect pollen and easily scrape it out of the container as the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4 Piece Herb Grinder comes with an inclusive scraping tool. It’s a handy accessory that lets you separate finer pollen from the coarser plant matter.

Lastly, using a weed grinder offers you additional storage when you bring your herbs on-the-go. A reliable herb grinder could come with an air-tight seal preventing the odour and the aroma of the herbs from getting out of the grinder. This helps significantly when you’re consuming vaping or smoking weed when you’re on your feet. Grinders with more compartments like the SharpStone Hard Top 5 Piece Herb Grinder offers stellar storage space when keeping botanicals on-the-go.

Why Use SharpStone Grinders?

Now that you know the benefits of grinding your herbs, here are some of the benefits of using SharpStone Grinders.

SharpStone Grinders are made using CNC machined components. Otherwise known as Computer Numerical Control, this only means that a computer plots the numerical measurements like a navigator plots the course on a map. This translates to more concise measurements resulting in fewer to no errors that sometimes even surpass the trained human eye. Every purchase you make of a SharpStone Grinder, you can be sure that it was made of the utmost quality.

Another benefit is it’s made from anodized aluminium. Aluminium is a hard and durable raw material that’s also lightweight. Used in many applications, aluminium gives SharpStone Grinders the durability it needs especially when want to use them on-the-go. Oftentimes, a grinder gets tossed around, thrown inside your bag, passed around a session, or just gets bumped off the table landing straight on the floor. A grinder made from weak raw materials will not only get dented but will also risk having its internal components suffer from the fall. The aluminium used in SharpStone Grinders is treated with anodization. Anodization creates a strong and durable layer that strengthens the surface of the grinder preventing minor dents and manifestations of wear and tear.

Lastly, consumers who buy SharpStone Grinders will benefit from how ingenuous their products are made. Just look at the SharpStone Clear Top 4 Piece Hand Crank Grinder. This hand crank-operated grinder incorporates a mechanical tool to aid consumers in grinding their herbs. This is intended for those who are experiencing difficulties with grinding materials, especially sticky botanicals.

When wanting to buy affordable and reliable herb grinders make sure you check out SharpStone Grinders!

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