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Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods: It is believed that Chemdawg originated from the following strains:
Sativa from the area of ​​Nepal.
Thai Sativa
The ancestry of Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods is a mystery. What is not a mystery is the absolute power of this strain. THC levels can reach up to 26%. This has made it a highly demanded tension for those who wish to raise their own power tensions. He is the father of the much appreciated and powerful Sour Diesel, as well as the famous OG Kush. Its name, Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods, is thought to refer to the strong smell of diesel that will make you bend the knees of an innocent vacuum cleaner.

Chemdawg has fragrances and aromas that have been described in this way:

Pine tree
Hot spicy
Chemdawg marijuana has few side effects compared to similar analgesics such as opioids. However, due to its potency and high levels of THC, some users may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia.
The growth of Chem Dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods plants in Chem is notoriously difficult. Chemdawg is susceptible to mold and fungi and should be grown under strictly controlled and controlled conditions. You may need the following skills:
to water
air quality control
temperature control
Humidity control
soil examination,
pest control,
light adjustment, and
Sativa from the area of ​​Nepal.
Thai SativaChemdawg Type: Chem dawg-Dankvapes-Dank Carts-Carts-Vapes-Dankwoods is believed to have originated from the following strains:
Appearance and Smell
The Chemdawg plants are quite tall. They require a great amount of care. Its famous fan leaves cover stems with light green buds with pistils and orange stigmas, and then a virtual blanket of icy white ice, the valuable trichomes rich in THC. Trichomes also contain terpenes and CBD. These parts are the protection of the plant against predators. An insect that eats it will have a nervous system full of cannabinoids that will dissuade, control the mind or kill the predator. Human users use it for their psychoactive properties, of course.
The smell of Chemdawg is the probable origin of his name. Chemdawg smells of diesel, fuel, chemicals, lemon, earth and pine. The smell will knock you down even before you get hit.

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