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The JUUL range is built around their hardware. Their range includes a well-designed JUUL Starter Kit for anyone wanting to give their products a go. It incorporates all you could need to get started with JUUL. This includes the vaporizer itself but also a set of four JUUL Vapor flavors so you can decide which is your favorite. The full range of JUUL Vapors includes both classic and more original e-cigarette flavors such as:

Electric Tobacconist offers all currently manufactured JUUL refills for sale, including the incredibly popular JUUL Mango. a fruity all day blend that’s proved highly popular among regular JUUL users.

If you’re already got a JUUL, why not shop our range of JUUL accessories? Whether you’re looking for a JUUL skin decal, or you need a new JUUL USB charger, Electric Tobacconist has what you want.

The small slimline design of the JUUL e-cigarette itself makes it a popular choice and in addition to this, the JUUL Vapor cartridges are similarly compact and stylish. JUUL also offers their device in a variety of colors, such as the Maroon JUUL battery and Navy JUUL battery. Beyond the appearance of the products, fans love the authenticity that JUUL Vapor flavors deliver. The experience they offer is often described as a ‘stealth vape’ rather than one for the cloud chasers out there. Each JUUL Vapor has a high 5% nicotine level (50mg nicotine) as well as a relatively high PG volume. Together this ensures a hard and satisfying throat hit, which many fans highlight as a real plus-point of the range