Muha Meds is Shady and up to no good

Here’s what they did:

Muha Meds has been so shady recently it’s not even funny as there were pesticides found in Muha Meds cartridges.  This is just so shady and can seriously have made people sick and can even do worse permanent damage.  It sucks to think that a company out there is doing things to make people sick and this is why you need to STAY AWAY from MUHA MEDS!  These black market cannabis dealers are not to be trusted and can make you seriously ill.


Muha Meds needs to do some serious work to fix this and get back in good graces with the cannabis community.  Everyone is trying to have a good time and no one wants to end up in the hospital.  Muha Meds needs to be held accountable for their actions and needs to tell the truth about what they are doing.  There is no room for shady business in the cannabis industry and we need answers.

Thank God we found out about this and can warn everyone.  No one should be getting sick from cartridges (Chem dawg vape oil cartridge). Trust and verification in cannabis are extremely important.

This article was written by Caleb Hunters

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