Marijuana Packaging equipment

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The most used to package marijuana after harvesting and drying is to use large glass jars or jars with airtight seal. Vacuum packed buds are kept as fresh and tasty as the first day even for years.

The packaging process is performed once our buds are properly manicured, dried and cured.

In this section you will find everything you need to carry out an optimal packaging process and buy a wide range of accessories to discuss marijuana without losing its organoleptic and potential qualities. When packing, the appearance of fungi should be avoided. To do this, at dura-pack  Grow Shop we sell materials that you can use to carry out an optimal packaging and preserving process.


Where to conserve marijuana?

In order to preserve our marijuana for a long intact season, we can use different means to preserve it. By means of the Vacumax vacuum Marijuana Packaging equipment and its corresponding vacuum bags or cans you can eliminate all the air inside the medium and make a complete vacuum that does not allow the entry of any air or gas, keeping our marijuana for a long time without losing qualities. The bags have an entrance hole through which we will place the mouth of the Vacumax packing machine to extract the air and have measures of 22×21 cm and 26×34 cm. They contain a filling line that will help us when it comes to knowing how much flower fits inside so that the packaging machine can make a correct seal.

To package and conserve buds without vacuum packing, you can buy conservation bags of different sizes that you can close, either tightly, or with the house iron. The conservation bosas with hermetic closure, allow us to close the medium in an easy way, there are different measures, 26x35cm is the most comfortable and fits approximately 100-150gr of dried flower. If you need to keep a higher quantity of dried flowers, the conservation bags with an iron closure should be your choice. They have different measures with which you can store, according to measurements, between 100gr and 1kl bud.

If you need to keep marijuana sorted in a closet, we have different sized packaging cans that have a tight seal that creates a vacuum inside and blocks the entry of any gas or air. The conservation boats are designed to avoid odors, humidity, etc … From the inside to the outside and vice versa. Its measurements and amount of storage are as follows:

Conservation boat 7cm high and 3cm in diameter with a capacity of 0.06l

Conservation boat 7.2cm high and 5.5cm in diameter with 0.12l capacity

Conservation boat 25.5cm high and 11.5cm in diameter with a capacity of 2l

Conservation boat 33cm high and 20cm in diameter with 10l capacity


From dura-pack we recommend opening the conservation boats for the first 10 days at least once a day to renew the air and thus further enhance the properties of the grass inside. We must also store the boats in a cool and dark place, being, around 15-20 degrees and 59-63% humidity, the perfect parameters for marijuana to be preserved for years with the same qualities it had at first.

To transport cannabis extracts the best are silicone containers.

If, on the other hand, your intention is to store extractions, pollen, resin, we recommend that you choose the silicone extraction box or the O-box saves pollen, with which you can store, preserve and transport your extractions and resins optimally and without It sticks to the container. Silicone boxes can be used in microwaves (maximum temperature 260º) or freezers (minimum temperature -40º) and washed in a dishwasher. Its size is very small, 3.5cm in diameter x 2cm high, being very comfortable to carry in your pocket what is necessary for self-consumption.

The O-box saves pollen is designed with plastic and its measurements are 2cm by 2cm high, with which we can store about 10ml of substance.

In addition, in this section you will also find curing boxes of different qualities and functions with which you can, if your marijuana is not yet in place, cure it until it adopts the optimum point. Being, these boxes, necessary for a perfect cure and thus achieve improvements in the organoleptic and potential qualities of our cannabis.

How to improve the taste and quality of marijuana while it is packaged?

Finally the vault envelopes. They are a new moisture control system for packaged cannabis. They are designed to keep marijuana in perfect condition as it emits or collects moisture automatically. We just have to place a Boveda envelope inside each container and leave it there for a couple of months, this little ally will make the quality of your herb improve considerably.

To transport or discreetly store flowers you can see our category of concealment boats.


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